Faculty Members

List of IMPRS for Brain & Behavior Faculty Members
Name & Affiliation Research Group E-mail
Tobias Ackels's picture Tobias Ackels
Uni Bonn
Sensory Dynamics and Behaviour
Homepage tobias.ackels@ukbonn.de
Heinz Beck's picture Heinz Beck
Uni Bonn
Neuronal input-output computation and mechanisms of cognition
Homepage heinz.beck@ukbonn.de
Frank Bradke's picture Frank Bradke
Axon Growth and Regeneration
Homepage frank.bradke@dzne.de
Kevin Briggman's picture Kevin Briggman
Computational Neuroethology
Homepage kevin.briggman@mpinb.mpg.de
Jan Gründemann's picture Jan Gründemann
Sensory Processing and Learning
Homepage jan.grundemann@dzne.de
Ilona Grunwald Kadow's picture Ilona Grunwald Kadow
Uni Bonn
Neurogenetics of Adaptive Behavior
Homepage Ilona.grunwald@uni-bonn.de
Jason Kerr's picture Jason Kerr
Behavior and Brain Organization
Homepage jason.kerr@mpinb.mpg.de
Aneta Koseska's picture Aneta Koseska
Cellular Computations and Learning
Homepage aneta.koseska@mpinb.mpg.de
Sabine Krabbe's picture Sabine Krabbe
Functional Diversity of Neural Circuits
Homepage sabine.krabbe@dzne.de
James Lightfoot's picture James Lightfoot
Self-Recognition and Cannibalism
Homepage james.lightfoot@mpinb.mpg.de
Pascal Malkemper's picture Pascal Malkemper
Neurobiology of Magnetoreception
Homepage pascal.malkemper@mpinb.mpg.de
Marcel Oberlaender's picture Marcel Oberlaender
In Silico Brain Sciences
Homepage marcel.oberlaender@mpinb.mpg.de
Michael Pankratz's picture Michael Pankratz
Uni Bonn
Molecular Brain Physiology and Behavior
Homepage pankratz@uni-bonn.de
Tobias Rose's picture Tobias Rose
Uni Bonn
Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior
Homepage tobias.rose@ukbonn.de
Dietmar Schmucker's picture Dietmar Schmucker
Uni Bonn
Neuronal Wiring
Homepage dslab@uni-bonn.de
Bettina Schnell's picture Bettina Schnell
Neurobiology of Flight Control
Homepage bettina.schnell@mpinb.mpg.de
Monika Scholz's picture Monika Scholz
Neural Information Flow
Homepage monika.scholz@mpinb.mpg.de
Johannes Seelig's picture Johannes Seelig
Neural Circuits
Homepage johannes.seelig@mpinb.mpg.de
Gaia Tavosanis's picture Gaia Tavosanis
RWTH Aachen
Dynamics of neuronal circuits
Homepage gaia.tavosanis@dzne.de