Organizational Structure

The Speaker
The Speaker of the IMPRS for Brain & Behavior is Kevin Briggman, Scientific Member of the Max Planck Society and the current Managing Scientific Director at the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology of Behavior – caesar (MPINB). The Speaker's responsibility will rotate every two years between the Scientific Directors at MPINB.

Steering Committee 
The Steering Committee deals with the successful implementation of the IMPRS, budgetary and financial aspects, and the reporting to the Max Planck Society. The Committee consists of:

  • Heinz Beck (IEECR, Uni Bonn Medical Faculty)
  • Kevin Briggman (MPINB; IMPRS Speaker)
  • Jason Kerr (MPINB)
  • Aneta Koseska (MPINB)
  • James Lightfoot (MPINB)
  • Michael Pankratz (LIMES, Uni Bonn Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty)
  • Gaia Tavosanis (DZNE)

Teaching Committee
The Teaching Committee decides on all aspects of the curriculum, as well as ensures that all required teaching modules for the formal completion of a doctoral degree are provided to students on a regular basis. The Teaching Committee consists of:

  • Heinz Beck (IEECR, Uni Bonn Medical Faculty)
  • Kevin Briggman (MPINB)
  • Jason Kerr (IMPRS Speaker)
  • Sabine Krabbe (DZNE)
  • Marcel Oberlaender (MPINB)
  • Tobias Rose (IEECR, Uni Bonn Medical Faculty)
  • Bettina Schnell (MPINB)
  • Monika Scholz (MPINB)

Selection Committee
The Selection Committee is composed of all IMPRS faculty members. The Selection Committee meets once per year during the student selection process and makes the final decisions on the admission of students to the IMPRS program. It also pre-evaluates online applications before the Selection Symposium in Bonn.